Eugène Rufin Bouya

General Manager - GUOT

Eugène Rufin Bouya is a renowned Congolese computer engineer and pioneer of e-governance. He holds a Master's degree in Management and Computer Science from EPITA in Paris, with a specialization in African cyberspace law from Université Gaston Berger in Senegal. Bouya has over 20 years of experience in IT engineering, dematerialization, and trade facilitation.

As General Manager of the Guichet Unique des Opérations Transfrontalières (GUOT), he implemented major digitization projects such as the electronic system GUOT and the electronic monitoring system for cargo. Bouya has received numerous honors including Commandeur of the Congolese Order of Merit for his expertise.

Considered a leading expert on e-business and cybersecurity policy in the Congo, Bouya founded the annual Forum numérique Congo to promote digital transformation. He is the author of two acclaimed books on digital governance and has created the TV program Paroles d'Experts to share his passion for technology.

Through innovative initiatives and leadership, Eugène Rufin Bouya has been instrumental in modernizing administrative processes and advancing the digital economy in the Republic of Congo. His pioneering work and vision make him one of Africa's most influential voices on cyber policy and e-governance.